Sunday Dinner: Mustard Maple Pork Loin

I love Sundays! Growing up, my mom would cook a big Sunday lunch after church. It was almost always a casserole, vegetables, applesauce, and rolls. I love handing down traditions, ...

A Soccer Mom’s Team Snack Shopping List

It’s official! I am a soccer mom. I even have the mini van to match up to the reputation. My 5-year-old son is two weeks into his first soccer season. ...

Buckwheat, the “Clark Kent” of Whole Grains

Since school started, life feels like it’s on fast forward. It’s been a really crazy 2 weeks for me. I rode 45 miles through Gettysburg with my dad and husband ...

Weekly Specials

How to Shop Dairy Free

My favorite food growing up was milk. I could easily drink milk ...

Roasted Mustard Potatoes and Food Fave Friday

It’s Friday! I am usually not that excited but this weekend is ...

Gluten Free Resources At Your Supermarket

May is a month-long campaign to bring awareness to Celiac disease, a ...

Your Grocery Bag

Crazy for Quinoa and Food Fave Friday

Awww…Friday! I love Friday because I can share all my new favorite food finds with you. I am playing with a few new themes on my blog and this one has stuck. I love showing people new products or new produce they haven’t seen before. I hope you like it. Weekly Special – Quinoa September […]

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Food Fave Friday: Fresh Ideas, Products, and Fun

Fridays are fun, aren’t they? I can’t believe August is almost at an end. August was a big month for this family. My oldest started Kindergarten. To document this monumental occasion, I had him tell me all about his favorite things so I can document them for his scrapbook.  As I documented his Star Wars […]

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7 Ways To Modernize Your Grocery List

Does this sound familiar? It’s grocery shopping day. You may or may not have had time to sit down and make a menu/grocery list for the week. You’ve got your shopping bags, some of your coupons, and a partial list in your head. Your shopping trip takes a detour when you realize you left your […]

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Do Olympians really belong on the front of a cereal box?

I remember the 1984 Summer Olympics very well.  I was 8 years old and watched real gymnastics for the very first time. I would forward roll and cart-wheel around my house as Mary Lou Retton performed her routines. My mom wasn’t very happy I started watching TV standing on my head after that. Mary Lou […]

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Berry Walnut Breakfast Quinoa (Gluten & Dairy Free)

I’ve been taking a break from blogging this summer to spend more time with my kids before school starts. My oldest starts Kindergarten in just 2 weeks (sniff, sniff). My youngest will follow next year. They are only this little once, and I want every second I can get, so everything else went on the […]

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5 Food Claims That May Be Fooling You

It’s a common occurrence. You are going down the aisles of the supermarket. You see a product you like or your screaming child wants,  and you notice a new health claim on the package. You may think, “Wow, this must be better for me” or “Certainly, this is a healthy product.” Little do you know, […]

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Eat “Fruit Fries” Instead of Greasy French Fries

Summer is here! I don’t know about you but we get pretty excited about swimming pools, vacations, and sleeping in. We do get a little lazy in the summer months, but I don’t get lazy about getting my kids to eat fruit. I found some adorable french fry boxes at HomeGoods. I just couldn’t resist […]

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Get Cooking With These Memorial Day Ideas

Memorial Day weekend is not only the kick off to summer, but more importantly,  it is a time to stop, reflect, and say thanks to those who volunteered to sacrifice their lives so we can be free in the United States. With May being official Military Appreciation Month, I have been showing my USA pride […]

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Healthy Shopping Series: Meet Martha Nepper, Supermarket Dietitian

According to the CDC, 35% of Americans are considered obese. A new report by the American Journal of Preventative Medicine speculates that number will rise to 42% by the year 2030. With this increase in health care costs and chronic disease, your dietitian may become a very important part of your health care plan. Why […]

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Break The Fast With Banana Berry Buckwheat

You may be contemplating at this very moment what to have for breakfast? You could pull out those processed cereals or maybe some oatmeal to fill your bowl. While oats are seen as the “go to” whole grain of choice for the morning ritual, why not try something new like gluten free buckwheat? Buckwheat is […]

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