Food Fave Friday: Fresh Ideas, Products, and Fun

Fridays are fun, aren’t they? I can’t believe August is almost at an end. August was a big month for this family. My oldest started Kindergarten. To document this monumental occasion, I had him tell me all about his favorite things so I can document them for his scrapbook.  As I documented his Star Wars and Legos favorites, I thought about starting to document my food favorites of the week. So #FoodFaveFriday is born! (Yeah, I know I am not the first to think of it after I googled my brilliant idea).

Glad you here to see what I am drooling over this week from the supermarket, along with a fun addition. Let me know what you are drooling over and you might see it added to a Friday post.

Fresh Ideas:


I have converted! Being a strictly blueberry girl, this was a leap for me since I wasn’t a real fan. Alas, I was getting bored with my blueberry banana combo in my oats and quinoa. So I branched out and now I’m addicted. I even drizzled dark chocolate over them for dessert which is a reach for me since I never liked the whole raspberry/chocolate combo until now. With the berry season ending, you should get your fill too since they are packed with 8 grams of filling fiber and 50% of your Daily Value of Vitamin C in just one cup. So go get some before they are gone! (Sniff, sniff)


Gluten Free, Dairy Free Quinoa Cookies “Quookies”

I love a sweet treat every now and then and I love baking! I am so new to Gluten Free baking. I love the idea of experimenting and pumping ordinary cookies full of protein by using new types of flour, like quinoa flour. (I use Bob’s Red Mill). I originally found this recipe at Super Healthy Kids using whole wheat flour. They were delicious so I made them gluten-free. You can find the link to the whole wheat recipe in the link. This recipe was featured in the Washingtonian Health and Well Being Blog. Enjoy! Believe me, you will!


Back to Nature Granola to Go

Who doesn’t love “to go” items?  Come on, you know you do! I just love food all “serving sized” for me. Just think, you can grab your Greek yogurt, a banana, and a BTN Granola to Go for breakfast on your way out the door. It also packs 4 grams of fiber per serving. YUM!


Nordic Naturals Omega 3 Jellies

I am excited to try these, only because I may or may not have 3 huge bottles of really fishy tasting Omega 3 gummies in my cabinet no one in my family will touch. No really, I love this company because Nordic Naturals was the LAST bottle of  Omega 3s I taste tested. I buy the Omega 3 capsules for my kids. No fishy aftertaste with the capsules, and I am expecting no less from these jellies. They can be hard to find but look at Whole Foods, the company’s website, or natural food stores for these gems. I don’t think these are in stores yet. Read more about them here.


You gotta have some fun every now and then or at least at dinner time!

Hello Kitty Mealtime Placemats

I so struggle with my four year old at dinner time. I found these cute portable & disposable activity page placemats at Target. We do games all the way through dinner now which cuts down on mid meal antics. These are great to take to restaurants too.

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!

Note: No one gives me any of their hard-earned dough to feature these products. These are products I have come across that I think are pretty cool. These fabulous food faves are not intended to be recommendations or taken as medical advice. Use your own nogan and make your own choices. I only hope they will be healthy choices. P.S. You should know I am pretty picky about what I consider a “food fave”. Thank you!


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