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R.I.P. Food Guide Pyramid…What the New USDA MyPlate Icon Means for Your Grocery Cart

Remember how your mom always told you to eat your veggies? Well, she was right. The USDA and the First Lady announced a big change to the American diet Thursday. MyPlate was unveiled pushing a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy, and lean protein. How is this different from the Food Guide Pyramid? If […]

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Get the 411 on Nutrition Guidance Systems at Your Supermarket

Nutrition guidance systems have made their debuts in grocery stores across the country. From NuVal to Nutrition Tags, customers are getting help making healthier choices. While this is music to this dietitian’s ears, what does it all mean for you, the customer? What guidelines are these programs following? How do they stack up? Right now, around ten […]

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Making Smart Choices at the Grocery Store

You’ve heard it all before, “shop the perimeter of the store, fresh is best, and read your labels.” This is all true; however, in my experience, shoppers need more specifics to enable them to make better choices. It helps to do some simple homework for yourself to make the best decision for you and your […]

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