Buckwheat, the “Clark Kent” of Whole Grains

Since school started, life feels like it’s on fast forward. It’s been a really crazy 2 weeks for me. I rode 45 miles through Gettysburg with my dad and husband in Gettysburg’s annual Civil War Century. It was supposed to be a half century but was interrupted by bad storms. Despite the rain, it was awesome and I highly recommend touring Gettysburg. My parents were also in town to celebrate my 37th birthday, and my kids started soccer and dance this past week. Needless to say, as much fun as I have had, I feel like I needed to have superpowers to get through the last 2 weeks. Can anyone else relate?


Speaking of superpowers,  I wanted to share my Friday Food Faves.  Buckwheat is my “Clark Kent” of whole grains. It may not look like much on the outside but it’s “super” good on the inside. This gluten-free pseudo cereal is  rich in lysine, high in soluble fiber, and source of resistant starch. Find out why this grain packs a nutritional punch and get my recipe for Banana Berry Buckwheat here.

Banana Berry Buckwheat

Buckwheat Products

Since cooking buckwheat from groats or Kasha can be complicated, you may find it easier to buy buckwheat products in your supermarket. Here are a few below, but be sure to check the ingredient label if you follow a gluten-free lifestyle. Many times buckwheat four is used in conjunction with regular wheat flour. I find this true, especially with soba noodles. Read those ingredients labels!

Soba Noodles

Buckwheat Flour

Buckwheat Cereals


Buckwheat Groats

Food Fave Find: Erewhon Supergrains Gluten Free Buckwheat & Hemp Cereal

Since it’s Friday, I like to highlight my food faves on supermarket shelves. On twitter, I noticed Attune Foods tweeting about their new Gluten Free Erewhon Buckwheat & Hemp cereal so I asked for a sample. Buckwheat can have a strong flavor so I wasn’t expecting much in taste. I was so pleasantly surprised! I really liked it. What I like even more is that it’s packed with protein and fiber. A one cup serving has 220 calories, 3 grams of fat, 5 grams of fiber, 6 grams of protein, and only 6 grams of sugar. The hemp provides some Omega 3s, 6s, and 9s. Another great thing about this product is the ingredient list. You can actually pronounce all 6 ingredients! Right now, Erewhon Supergrains Buckwheat and Hemp Cereal is carried at Whole Foods starting this September. Let’s hope that expands to all the other supermarkets in the near future. This product is definitely cart worthy.

Disclaimer: I was not compensated by Attune Foods to feature their cereal. I only feature things I really like. They did graciously send me a box of their new cereal so I could tell you if I liked it or not.


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2 Comments on “Buckwheat, the “Clark Kent” of Whole Grains”

  1. ATP33Toronto
    September 28, 2012 at 10:15 pm #

    I love gluten free foods that are made truly healthy! Ruth’s Hemp Foods launched what I believe is the original hemp chia buckwheat cereal in January 2007 – 4 blends, all gluten free & Non-GMO Project verified – they’re my fave brand, I love all their hemp & chia foods, I literally eat Ruth’s every day! They’ve been around since 1999, they’re carried by the major distributors across North America so available at local health food stores, I find they’re often priced more affordably than competing products, and they have weekly online specials too for their enewsletter subscribers – you may wish to check them out at http://www.RuthsFoods.com

    • Supermarketnutrition411
      September 29, 2012 at 4:03 pm #

      Thanks for your comment! I love healthier brands too. Thanks for letting me know about Ruth’s. I will have to check them out. Betsy

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