4 Ways Pinterest Helps Me With Grocery Shopping

I have been on Pinterest a few months now. It has to be my favorite site right now due to the visual content. I mainly pin recipes, home ideas, and stuff to do with my kids. Before I start encouraging you to use Pinterest for your weekly meal planning, I want you to be aware of some controversy on legality of using the site and repinning images without user permission. In order to protect myself, I am in the process of deleting any pins that don’t have a pin button on their site or have a Pinterest account. It’s important to make sure the source is noted in your pins. Pinterest holds you completely liable so I encourage you to sort through your pins or make note of this before you get started.

Pinterest has definitely made my life easier. I used to spend an hour or more going through online recipes and cookbooks to make my grocery list and meal plan for the week. Now, I collect recipes throughout the week on Pinterest and repin them into my Weekly Menu board. This makes my life easier in four ways:

1. It saves me time. I will always take more time where I can get it, especially with two little ones.

2. It’s great for when I have coupons I need to match up to the ingredients I need.

3. I have direct access to recipes through their mobile app right in the grocery store. I can’t tell you how much I loathe taking anything accept my purse and bags inside a store.

4. It helps keeps me organized in knowing what I cooked in the previous weeks and keeps me wanting to add new dishes to our rotation. It’s really hard not to be inspired when you are going through all the food photos.

If you aren’t on Pinterest, you can request an invitation on their site. You can always browse before signing up to see if you like it. It’s not for everyone.You can also check out what I am eating on my weekly menu board.

I have some other fun boards you might also be interested in: Play with your food, Nutrition Know-How, Food Gifts, Gluten Free Recipes, Southern Love Recipes, Food Displays/Tablescapes, and Healthy Aperture (shared board).

Please share how you are using Pinterest to plan recipes or meals. Do you have a weekly menu board? Are you “pin-ddicted”?

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