Expo East Recap: New Products On Your Grocery Shelf

Food trends are always changing. I remember 10 years ago when Gluten Free was just starting on Kroger shelves. They had a 3 foot section of shelving allotted for it. I definitely would have never imagined how strong a presence it has today. This is one of the reasons I was excited to spend my Saturday in Baltimore at the Natural Foods Expo East. There were so many wonderful products, and there was not enough time. I’m afraid I was sick of food by the time I left. I did get some amazing products, and I wanted to share my highlights with you so you can be on the lookout for some of these on your grocery store shelves.  I will more than likely start doing some reviews on my faves in the future so you can see why I got excited about them. (See disclaimer note below). The trends I noticed at the Expo are none other than Gluten Free, yogurt of all kinds (especially Greek), coconut everything, quinoa, some chia, stevia, and chips galore (veggie, bean, corn, etc). This wasn’t anything new to me, but it definitely affirmed by own opinions. So check out the low down on what might be coming to your nearest grocery shelf if it’s not there all ready. When you are done reading this, go to my Facebook Page: Supermarket Nutrition 411. You can see the pictures of some of these products. Don’t forget to “like us” when you are there.

Snapz: Apple, Beetroot, and Carrot Crisps

When I saw the beet crisps, I was hooked. Only 2 ingredients. The carrot crisps were also very good. The apple crisps have 3 flavors with 2 to 3 ingredients. I was told you can now find these at Subway.

*Snapz carrot and beet crisps are only in Europe right now but coming to the USA soon.

Qrunch Burgers

This new product is a quinoa burger. Imagine my delight to taste it and love it. This is an innovative and tasty addition to the quinoa trend.  It would be nice if they were a little lower in fat & saturated fat. They are coming out with Qrunch Tots soon. Right now, these are primarily at King Soopers/City Market & smaller independent chains.

Little Ducks Organics

I love mom and dad’s that want better for their kids. That’s how this company started. They offer organic, non-gmo, freeze-dried tiny fruits in 3 flavors: strawberry & mango, apple & banana, blueberry & apple. They also have some new cereals coming out that I can’t wait to try.

WOW Baking Company

“WOW” is what I said when I tried their oatmeal and snickerdoodle wheat and gluten-free cookies. It’s the best gluten-free cookie I have ever had, and that is saying something since I am picky. You can’t tell these are gluten-free. My kids loved the snickerdoodles!

Kinnikinnick Gluten Free Pie Crust

Kinnikinnick doesn’t disappoint again with their new gluten-free pie crust. They dolled up some samples with chocolate but I asked them to give me a taste of plain pie crust. YUM!  Not only are these gluten-free, but they are dairy free and nut free. Can’t wait to see this in my frozen aisle!

Justin’s Nut Butter

I have always been a fan of Justin’s, but I am so in love with their maple almond butters and the chocolate hazelnut butter. Love that they come in convenient single serve packs as well as jars. This is great for lunch boxes!

Purely Elizabeth

I initially went to this booth because my real name is Elizabeth. Betsy is my nickname. After meeting Elizabeth of Purely Elizabeth and tasting her creations, I was impressed. She has organic, gluten-free granola cereals, muffin, cookie, & baking mixes.

Lactose Free Green Valley Organics 

The only Lactose Free Sour Cream is delicious! They also have very good lactose free yogurts and kefirs. Their new peach flavor was particularily good.

Simple Squares

Move over Lara Bar, you have competition! I was really skeptical of these at first with the rosemary and sage flavors. She also has coconut and cinnamon clove. All of them were delicious. These squares are wheat, gluten, dairy, and soy free. The savory and sweet flavors are perfectly combined.

Hodgson Mill Gluten Free Seasoning Mix, Cornbread Mix, & Travel Flax

Hodgson Mill has always had great products and they have expanded their gluten-free line. They have a new GF Seasoning Mix and Cornbread Mixes. I was most excited about the travel flax packets as only a dietitian would be, although I believe it’s been around for some time.

Earth Balance Soy Nog

I count down the days until Silk Nog comes out every year. Now I can count down the days to the Earth Balance Silk Nog. Delicious!

Whole Soy & Co. Organic Soy Yogurt

This yogurt has been around for some time, but they are introducing 2 new flavors: unsweetened plain & key lime. They had me with their key lime. This yogurt also has bonus probiotic cultures.


Udi’s Gluten-Free has a lot of new products coming your way: Chocolate Chia Nutri-Tops, Blueberry Oat Nutri-Tops, Omega Flax & Fiber Bread, Dark Chocolate Brownie Bites, and 3 frozen pizzas. The Chocolate Nutri-Tops were pretty yummy with 6 grams of fiber per serving.


Chobani Champions is introducing chocolate chunk to their line. The adult version is adding 3 new flavors: Blood Orange, Apple Cinnamon, and Passionfruit.


Stonyfield is introducing their new Organic nonfat Greek Frozen Yogurt in 4 flavors: Chocolate, Honey, Vanilla, & Blueberry. You might also find their new nonfat frozen yogurt bars in the freezer aisle with 2 flavors: Gotta Have Vanilla & After Dark Chocolate. Making Oikos even more convenient, Stonyfield is introducing Drinkable Greek Low fat Yogurts in 3 flavors: Honey Vanilla, Pomegranate Berry, & Peach.

Blue Diamond Breeze

Almond Coconut Milk Blend is hitting store shelves soon. It has 3 grams of total fat and 1 gram of saturated fat.

Far East Quinoa Blend

This product is 40% Quinoa/60% Brown Rice and has 7 grams of protein per serving. It comes in 2 flavors and like other Far East products, it’s tasty too! Just so you know, this is not Gluten Free.

*** Important Note: I am not being paid by any of these companies nor is this an endorsement of their product. It’s just some facts mixed in with my taste buds.


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2 Comments on “Expo East Recap: New Products On Your Grocery Shelf”

  1. October 5, 2011 at 2:14 am #

    I am in LOVE with Little Duck Organics Tiny Fruits. I think I enjoy them as much as my youngest. Even though he is well beyond toddler foods, we still LOVE the strawberry mango. I didn’t realize cereals were coming out. I’ll DEFINITELY have to check that out!

  2. julie
    October 7, 2011 at 1:15 am #

    Elizabeth/Betsy:) Sounds like your taste buds were ignited! I am disappointed to have missed the Expo but am happy to be out here at the ADA FNCE where my taste buds have been through the good, the bad, and the yucky (in addition to the great informational sessions). I saw similar product trends, including some ‘oldies but goodies’, like the travel flax packs and probiotic products. I want to chime in on another product trend that I saw and tasted – fruit and vegetable purees. This goes right along with your recent post for Sneaky Spinach Pizza. Though I haven’t yet made it, there are food manufactures that are trying to help simplify that recipe even more. What I mean is that I saw several versions of pureed products with different applications. I saw single purees as well as blends of fruits & veggies. Additionally, I saw traditional food manufactures offering puree recipes for their popular products (ie. a canned pear mfg provided info on pear puree applications). They were intended for both consumers and the foodservice industry to help us sneak more spinach and other great produce into our food products, just like you encouraged. Thank you for the timely product puree recipe and other new product reviews!

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