Best Free Apps To Make Grocery Shopping Easier

For some odd reason, I really resisted getting an iPhone in the beginning. Now, it is as important to me as my wallet because of all the neat and free apps I have found. I don’t know about you, but I love anything that’s free and makes my life easier, especially when it comes to grocery shopping. Here are my top five favorites:

1. CardStar

This is a membership and rewards card consolidator app. You can take your mountain of grocery store loyalty cards, scan them into your phone, and permanently take the bulky stack out your wallet or off your key chain. CardStar also is available for Andriod and Blackberry.

2. Grocery IQ

Grocery IQ is a lot of fun to learn. You just scan products into your favorites list, access your store’s coupons, organize items by aisle or coupons by category, and email your grocery lists. This isn’t all the features. I guess you will have to find out the rest for yourself.  Grocery IQ is also available for Android, iPad, and iPod Touch.

3.  Whole Foods Recipe App

Even if you don’t shop at Whole Foods, you need this app. Why am I totally in love with it? Well, it’s a dietitian’s dream. You can search for recipes by special diets. It even has cute little colored coded symbols for each special diet. You can add what ingredients you have on hand, and it will spit out some recipes you may like to add to their shopping list. You can even look for their stores on this handy and wonderful app.

4. Fooducate

Fooducate was started by concerned parents that enlisted dietitians to create an app that can scan products (or you can enter the bar code or product name) and see how they were graded nutritionally. You can also compare alternatives to the brand you want. This app works for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

5. All Recipes Dinner Spinner

Oh, how I love the spinner! It’s so much fun! It broken down into Dish Type, Ingredients, and Ready In.  You can pick one, two, or three categories and just spin. You can also check out the featured recipes and add to your favorites.  It’s very easy to use especially standing in the aisle of your supermarket with your kids pulling at your leg.


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