Ways to Save at the Commissary

As a military spouse, I feel compelled to do a post on the commissary.  For those who are not in the military community, the commissary is a grocery store exclusively for active duty military and other authorized DOD patrons. I shop at our local commissary weekly and have found a few ways to find extra deals, so I wanted to share ways I save with other military families. Feel free to comment and give your feedback on savings at the commissary. 

*Many of you reading this may are not military or commissary patrons but the same principles can apply for your neighborhood grocery store, using their website.

1. Find deals in the front of the store. Maxi Saver ads and other coupons are usually placed in the front near the grocery carts or entrance.

2. Check the commissary website for what is on sale. Click on “What’s on sale” and click on “Shopping ” followed by “Coupon links”. This will give you a list of vendors that cater to the military. Some have specific commissary deals and coupons.

3. Sign up for www.militaryshoppers.com. They send you DECA commissary deals to your email account.

4. Utilize coupon websites, vendor websites, and newspapers for manufacturers coupons.

5. Ask a commissary manager when they hold special coupon event days and case lot days. You can access case lot days online under “Shopping” and click on “Case lot sales” and click on your commissary to call and ask about event days.

6. If you have a baby or babies, sign up for the Lil’ Hero Baby Program under “Shopping”  by simply entering your email address.

7. Utilize in store coupons. It’s hard to miss them since they are always at the product.

8.  Know the commissary coupon policy.  Here are the main highlights: DECA  does not double or triple coupons. They do not accept poorly printed internet coupons. Bar codes have to be good enough to scan.  They do not accept other store’s coupons. You can only use one coupon per item.


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