Introducing…Supermarket Nutrition 411

Welcome to Supermarket Nutrition 411! My name is Betsy, and I will be your guide to better groceries and better health. I am a practicing registered dietitian, military spouse, mom, foodie, and exercise enthusiast.

My Food Philosophy:

I believe in balanced eating. I believe in accurate marketing of food items we buy in the grocery store. I also believe the public has the right to know the ingredients and quality of the foods they purchase.

My Supermarket Background:

I worked as a store and corporate dietitian for Kroger for 5 years. Starting at one store, I then worked my way up to an area of stores, and finally the entire division. I learned what stores do from day-to-day and how distribution, merchandising, and advertising work in synergy to get the consumer the product on the shelves. I was also educated on the food broker and vendor side of the grocery industry. However, helping consumers was my mission. I was the face of the “Nature’s Market: Eat Healthy, Be Healthy” campaign that included commercials and hospital partnerships in 3 major markets. Additionally, I got customers excited about food and nutrition through supermarket tours, cooking classes, TV/print/web media, and public speaking events.

Why Supermarket Nutrition 411?

I started this blog to continue on with what I loved doing most, helping others make better choices from grocery store shelf to plate. I am here to help navigate these ever-changing aisles of products. The information you will find here will be real and pertinent to consumers.

What you will find on Supermarket Nutrition 411?

It will vary from week to week but I will be featuring meal and menu ideas, products, recipes, and information to make healthy shopping easier. I also hope to feature some food industry insiders.

Thanks for stopping by and learning more about my adventure!


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One Comment on “Introducing…Supermarket Nutrition 411”

  1. Saadat
    June 5, 2011 at 10:01 am #

    Great blog, very educational and up to date in terms of bringing the latest nutrition news to the public, such as the new USDA food guide called my plate. I also liked your creative recipes, and I will definitely try some soon. That one recipe with strawberries, whip cream and almonds sounds so delicious. Keep up the good work!.

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